Welcome to the Guernsey Myeloma Support Group

The Guernsey Myeloma Support Group helps people suffering with multiple myeloma access information and emotional support. 

The Guernsey Support Group is a registered non profit charity  founded in 2015.  It is a well attended group of patients, relatives and friends who get together once a month to discuss living with myeloma.

The Group also invites guest speakers to talk about topics relating to the management and treatment of myeloma but also other topics of interest.

Watch the videos of our information day:

The Role of Microbiota in Myeloma/Cancer Patients. 

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Cancer is a challenging and often isolating disease, and for many cancer sufferers, finding ways to connect with others who understand what they are going through can be an important source of support. Here are some ways that cancer sufferers can support each other:

Overall, there are many ways that cancer sufferers can support each other, and finding the right approach for you can make a big difference in your journey with cancer.

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Venue Information

Meetings are held at:

Les Cotils




Contact information

Jean Roberts or Julie Green Support Group Leaders

Email: info@myeloma.org.gg

Jean Roberts: 07715171744

Julie Green: 07781108342