Myeloma Information Event for Healthcare Professionals

Understanding the role of Microbiota in Myeloma / all Cancer Patients

Held on Saturday 4th March 2023

See videos of the event below, or on our YouTube Channel


This Myeloma/Cancer information event offered the opportunity to find out more about the interaction of the microbiota with the human body in health and diseases. This event brought to Guernsey three top clinical experts in the field.


We are grateful to three oncology professionals who travelled to Guernsey to share their expertise

Professor Darina Kohoutova

Consultant Gastroenterologist at the Royal Marsden Hospital

Professor Kohoutova has been affiliated with Charles University (Czech Republic) and University Teaching Hospital since her graduation in 2005. She gained further knowledge and skills during her fellowship at UCL & UCLH (oesophageal disorders) and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London (pancreatobiliary disorders).

Professor Kohoutova’s postgraduate study (title: PhD and Professor in internal medicine) was focused on pathogenesis of colorectal cancer (intestinal microbiome, apoptotic and mitotic activity). Her main interests are GI endoscopy (especially Barrett’s oesophagus and pancreatobiliary disorders), GI consequences of cancer treatment and research on intestinal microbiome.

She leads the GIANT team (Gastrointestinal and Nutritional Team) at the Royal Marsden Hospital and has become the lead for Education, Research and Innovations in Endoscopy at the Royal Marsden Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Professor Jan Bures, MD, PhD, FCMA

Head of University Department of Gastroenterology, Charles University Medical Faculty and Teaching Hospital in Hradec Kralove

Professor Bures graduated from Charles University, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic. He became professor of internal medicine at Charles University. Jan Bures was elected a member of the Czech Medical Academy. At present, he is affiliated with the Institute of Gastrointestinal Oncology, Military University Hospital, Prague. 

Professor Bures’ major medical activity and research interest have been focused on small intestine, intestinal bacteria, cancer screening and complications of oncological treatment.

Professor Rosalind Eeles

Professor of Oncogenetics at the Institute of Cancer Research and clinician at the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Professor Rosalind (Ros) Eeles has been instrumental in ensuring new discoveries in cancer genetics, immediately benefit patients, particularly in her speciality areas of BRCA-mutation, other gene-mutation carriers and prostate cancer.

Professor Eeles is a clinician as well as a scientist, running both a laboratory at The Institute of Cancer Research, London, and a Cancer Genetics and Uro-Oncology Clinic at the ICR’s partner hospital, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust.  She trained at The University of Cambridge and St Thomas’ Hospital Medical School.

Overview of Genetics in Oncology

Role of MicroBiota in Myeloma/Cancer Patients

Syndrome of Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth - a common consequence of Myeloma/ Cancer Treatment

Bile Acid Malabsorption- the most under diagnosed GI side effect of Myeloma/Cancer Treatment

Role of Microbiota in Myeloma/Cancer Patients - Q&A from Guernsey Myeloma support group

Organised by the Guernsey Multiple Myeloma Support Group with funding from the Saffrey Island Walk